Pilates classes in Watford, Hertfordshire

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and welcome to Pilotties Pilates in Watford. I offer all levels of Pilates Reformer classes, private training and mat classes in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Pilates Reformer Classes in Watford:
Keeping it small, only 3 in a class. Find out how this unusual piece of equipment can change your body. Working with springs increases the resistance of mat work alone and changes your body twice as fas
... t. Classes for beginner and intermediate levels.

Pilates Mat Classes in Oxhey:
These are taught to a maximum of 8 people, which means we can deliver attentive individualised support for any age and fitness level. These Pilates classes are for beginner's and intermediate levels.

Pilates Private Training in Watford:
If you prefer working out by yourself or with a friend these sessions are flexible to fit around your schedule. The classes are focused on 'you' and include the use of Pilates apparatus for a full body work-out. The Pilates apparatus provides resistance to challenge your body using springs which support and facilitate each move.

Getting to grips with and understanding what the apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Arm chair, spine corrector, pedi pole etc.) can do for you sounds daunting, but it's fun and changes are quickly apparent. Working within the Pilates system is perfect whether you are training for fitness or have a particular issue you need to address.

We have many more classes on offer than are listed on this site schedule so please check with us if you can't see a day/time you're interested in.

Finally if you like to chat about my Pilates classes in Watford, book a session or come along to see the apparatus please get in touch.
Insured By: Balens

Insured By: Balens
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